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Defensury developed a 360 degree security concept that is customized to each client's needs. The concept itself consists of three phases which are:

  • Phase 1: On-site and Cyber Attack Simulation

  • Phase 2: Vulnerability Fixing, Employee Awareness Training, Implementation of Security Manual, Infrastructure Improvement, Counter Intelligence Concepts

  • Phase 3: Protection by Defensury's SOC (SpearSOC), Periodic Reassesments (IT & Employees), Incident Response

Phase 1

  • Defensury’s employees are being set-up in two teams: On-site operators & electronic warfare specialists

  • On-site operators try to infiltrate the client without the knowledge of client’s employees using techniques such as Social Engineering by gathering Human Intelligence as well as Open Source Intelligence. The goal is to collect as many information as possible as well as establishing access for remote cyber attacks. If the client’s organization is international, operators will travel to multiple locations in different countries to see if the infrastructure differs.

  • Electronic Warfare specialists will attack the client’s organization 24/7. The specialists will look for vulnerabilities using freely available technologies and software but also special programs that were made for intelligence agencies and military cyber warfare units across the globe.

  • Phase 1 usually takes minimum three months. The goal is to find all vulnerabilities that exist within the client’s organization. Hostile threat actors usually try to find vulnerabilities for three months before moving on to the next target.

Phase 2

  • Based on the findings on-site, the HUMINT specialists will develop a unique training concept for client’s employees as well as customized handbook to minimize the success of future e.g. Social Engineering attempts.

  • The cyber specialists create a report that includes an analysis of the entire client’s cyber and network infrastructure.

  • After reviewing the findings with the client’s IT team, Defensury’s specialist will fix the existing vulnerabilities together with the client’s IT staff (learning by doing effect).

  • The goal is to create a secure 360 degree infrastructure for the client. Defensury’s expert team has the capabilities of even developing custom software and hardware solutions should a commercial product or patch not be available.

Phase 3

  • Periodic reassessment to ensure an ongoing success e.g. testing response time of client’s IT staff in case of a cyber attack etc.

  • Set-up of external SOC center to monitor client’s network & cyber infrastructure 24/7 together with client’s existing staff

  • Updates for client’s IT staff on emerging threats

  • 24/7 incident response

Additional Services

  • Counter Intelligence Concepts

  • Custom Software and Hardware Development

  • Criminal Investigations & Background Checks

  • Cyber Due Diligence 

  • Advisory

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