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Defensury Launches RedGov

Defensury Inc. launched subsidiary RedGov earlier this month.

RedGov specializes in specifically working in tandem with global governments in regards to their cyber security infrastructure.

World wide professionals in cyber warfare and cyber defense, RedGov aids governments and their partners in not only stopping attacks before they happen, but more importantly training government employees on specific best practices within the cyber security realm.

According to studies done by the DoD, and DHS it is estimated that cyber crime damages will reach 6 trillion dollars annually by 2021. Cisco has reported that ransomware attacks, among others, are growing 350 percent annually. These are extremely frightening numbers not only within the private sector, but just as much for the government sector. Governments across the globe are actively being infiltrated not only daily, but by the minute. If a government and their agencies do not have a tightly secure global digital infrastructure, and not properly trained employees in place the following is inevitable to happen:

  • Data and Intelligence Theft

  • Terrorism and Revenge

  • Information Warfare

  • Ransom

Cyber security rightly needs to be a priority for all government agencies.

Below is a list of services that RedGov provides internationally for various governments and

their attached agencies:

  • Active Real Threat Assessment

  • Custom Technology Planning and Tool Implementation

  • 24/7 Hybrid Cyber Security Monitoring

  • Remote and On-Site Operations Team Support

  • Tailored Social Engineering Approaches

  • Specialized Education and Training for On-Site Employees

  • Cyber Warfare/Defense Advisory

  • Consultancy

RedGov is the leading, and premier global cyber security firm ensuring that governments

around the globe are secured within the cyberspace realm, and that the client's cyber

infrastructure is fully prepared and ready for any internal and/or foreign cyber threat/s.

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